JJ Cale Call The Doctor

JJ Cale - Call The Doctor

JJ Cale's album Naturally was one my older brother's favorite albums and became one of my favorites as well. Call The Doctor is from the Naturally album and has a haunting minor Blues feel to it. Sounds like a natural for Harp N Guitar.

Difficulty: Medium

Lesson Length: 9:24

Instructor: George Goodman

Barre chords are needed for this one which is what increases the difficulty. Otherwise, there’s only 3 chords and the harmonica melody is straight-forward

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Hohner Blues Harp in A

In this lesson, I am playing a Hohner Blues Harp in the key of A.

The following link supplies the chords, lyrics and the harmonica tabs for Call The Doctor.
Call The Doctor Chords, Lyrics and Tabs download pdf link – for educational purposes only.

Video Timeline

00:48 - Progressions

There are only 3 chords in the entire song. The difficult part is that they are all barre chords - F#m, G#m and A.

Each chord lasts for 2 beats forming a 2 bar pattern that repeats throughout the song.

2:07 - Rhythm and Feel

Call The Doctor employs a slow Bluesy swing feel.

3:22 - Harmonica

The song is in the key of F#m which is the relative minor to A Major so I have found that an A Major harmonica works well for this melody.

5:53 - Harmonica with Guitar

Run through the harmonica part with the guitar accompaniment.

6:35 - Full Song Play Along

Let's play through the whole song together.

That's it for Call The Doctor.

Stay In Tune. Peace.


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