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The Harp N Guitar program is arranged into video series that follow a logical learning progression allowing you to focus in on a particular aspect of learning harmonica and guitar.

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Guitar and Harmonica Method

Guitar and Harmonica Method

Bent Harmonica - Draw Bends on the Diatonic Harmonica

Bent Harmonica

George Goodman's Harmonica Cheat Sheets

Harmonica Cheat Sheets

Keys To The Blues - Blues Chart and Cheat Sheet for Harp N Guitar

Keys to the Blues

Video Testimonials

Thanks man! This is a great lesson. I looked at others before I found yours and yours really puts it all together in a way that suits my learning style.

Jon Drayna

I’ve been working on Neil Young’s ‘Heart of Gold’. You made it very fun, easy and enjoyable to work on. Thank you very much.


George – this is a really great lesson! Showing the strumming pattern was great. Thanks so much!

K West