• Beginner Guitar Introductory Series

    How To Hold The Guitar - Right and Left Hand PositionsThis video series is all about getting familiar with the acoustic guitar – learning the names of the parts of the guitar, how to be comfortable holding the guitar, how to position your hands, how to tune the guitar, plus exercises to get started and reinforce what you’ve learned.
    Videos in the series include:
    Parts of the Six String Acoustic Guitar
    How To Hold A Guitar – Body Position
    How To Hold A Guitar – Right and Left Hand Positions
    Tuning The Guitar
    Exercises for Right and Left Hand
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  • Guitar Chords

    Guitar Chord Basics and Learning To Read a Chord Diagram
    This video series is all about Chords
    – How they are named and constructed.
    – How to read chord diagrams.
    – Tips on how to get good sounding chords easier and then playing lots of chords.
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The Harp ‘N’ Guitar course is broken into sets of video series to focus in a particular subject.

Introductory Guitar Series

Beginner Guitar Lesson - Learning the Parts of the Acoustic Guitar

The course starts off with the Introductory Guitar Series

This video series is all about getting familiar with the acoustic guitar and covers essentials that the new guitarist needs to know including

  • Learning the Names of the Parts of the Guitar
  • How to Be Comfortable Holding the Guitar
  • How to Properly Position Your Hands
  • How to Tune the Guitar in a Variety of Ways
  • Exercises to Get Started and Reinforce What You’ve Learned
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Guitar Chord Series

Guitar Chords - Basic Chords and Reading a Chord DiagramThis video series is all about Chords.

  • How Chords Are Named and Constructed
  • How to Read Chord Diagrams to be able to play any chord
  • Tips on How To Get Good Sounding Chords Easier
  • Exercises Demonstrating and Practicing How To Play Chords in the Key of C Major and G Blues.

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Guitar Rhythm and Strumming Series

Guitar Rhythm and Strumming - Breaking Down The Beat
Being able to count rhythms and knowing when to be playing downstrokes and upstrokes helps immeasurably to play solid rhythm guitar.
It is also very helpful for playing harmonica or any instrument so this video series is all about learning rhythm.

Learn to break down the beat and be able to read and play to rhythmic notation. No secrets here, just plain old good information that is easy to learn and forms the basis to solid rhythm guitar playing.

Learn the different note types and how they are counted and then work through a number of exercises playing various rhythms while reinforcing the chords previously learned and changing between chords.

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Harmonica Series

How To Get The Best Sound From Your Harmonica
As in the Introductory Guitar series, the Harmonica video series starts at the beginning. These videos address the following key areas:

  • Which Harmonica to Choose
  • Care and Maintainence of Your Harmonica
  • How to Get the Best Sound
  • How to Play Single Notes
  • How to Polish Your Sound With Vibrato
  • Bending Notes
  • Harmonica Tablature
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Guitar and Harmonica Series

What notes on harmonica fit with the guitar chordNow that the basics are covered for both instruments, it’s time to relate the two instruments together in the Guitar and Harmonica Series.
In order to bring the two instruments together, learning a bit about music theory is required. For some reason, that wigs people out a bit.
It shouldn’t.
A basic knowledge of music theory is easy to grasp and will increase your musical learning ability exponentially. No deep thinking required, just the basics.
Learning basic music theory will allow you to choose the correct key harmonica and make sense of playing in ‘positions’.

“A basic knowledge of music theory is easy to grasp and will increase your musical learning ability exponentially”

After music theory is introduced, it’s time to learn which notes on the harmonica match the chord on guitar and which notes are used to make up great sounding melodies. The rest of the Guitar and Harmonica video series is comprised of play along exercises demonstrating what notes to play and the corresponding holes – blow or draw, when playing chords on guitar.

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The Blues – An Introduction

Harp 'N' Guitar - The Blues On Guitar and HarmonicaThe harmonica is perhaps best known for its role in blues music.

The Blues – An Introduction looks at the structure of the blues – the chords and progression.
The Blues scale requires bending on harmonica. The guitar can help get those bends just right.
I’ll show you how.

Play along exercises show where exactly the notes of the chords and the Blues scale occur on the harmonica.
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Guitar Chord Video Library

Guitar Chord Video Series demonstrating numerous common guitar chordsGuitar chords, their respective chord diagram and videos demonstrating the chords are what this series is all about.
Looking for a particular chord?
Select the diagram for the chord you are interested in and the demonstration video will play in the video player. Easy as that.
Each video demonstrates the notes that make up the chord, positions for each finger, fret and string and, if applicable, alternative fingerings.

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