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All sales, tracking and reporting are provided by ClickBank.

You will need to enroll as a marketer with ClickBank in order to get your own personal Affiliate ID that is used to track your sales.

Sign up is easy. Just go to and select Create Account to generate your Affiliate ID which you will use when promoting Harp ‘N’ Guitar memberships.

Once you have your Affiliate ID, you will be able to use the code below to paste into your promotional material.
You will need to replace the word AFFILIATEID with your Affiliate ID.

Link for Email, Twitter, Instant Messaging – No HTML Formatting

If you are interested in sending the link via email, Twitter, or in a message then you do not need to include html formatting.
Copy this text for those purposes:


Link for Web Pages

If you have a website and would like to include your affiliate link then copy the following which includes the html formatting:

<a href="" >CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE</a>

Feel free to change “CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE” to your own personal message.

Banners and Graphics

The following images have been developed for you to incorporate into your advertising.
Simply right click on any image, and depending on the browser you are using, select ‘Save Image As’ or ‘Save Picture As’ and save the image to your computer.
You can then upload the graphic to your website to incorporate into your advertising.

Here is what an image link html may look like:

<a href="" ><img src="" alt="Harp N Guitar Lessons Online" /></a>


If you have any questions about creating an affiliate link or on how to incorporate the graphics into affiliate links, please leave a message in the comment box below. We would be happy to help you get you straightened out.

ClickBank also has excellent information on how this is done.

468 x 60
Harp N Guitar Lessons Online


728 x 90

Harp N Guitar Lessons Online


120 x 450

160 x 600

125 x 125

250 x 250

300 x 250

120 x 60

Here’s to your success!


The HarpNGuitar team.

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